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Why A Dietary Treatment For IDA?

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If you, your child or spouse suffer from Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) then it must be treated. A normal intake of iron is essential not only for your blood, circulatory system and heart to work correctly, but also for your immune system to function normally, but also to function optimally, at its highest ability to function and protect us from infection and illness.

The symptoms of IDA are basically tied to both our ability to bring adequate oxygen to our body and also to remove carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals from our body. It is also tied to our immune system and our ability to fight infection and prevent certain illnesses.

IDA can impair our ability to function normally and to perform adequate, even excellent work. In children their ability to perform their school work and maximize their ability to learn what is being taught can be impaired. Our ability to concentrate can be impaired, we can have digestive system problems, increase nervousness and anxiety, tension, and headaches are common.

If you wish to review the symptoms of IDA, click here.

Why Is Just Taking Iron Tablets Not Enough To Treat My IDA?

There are many problems associated with taking iron pills, prescription or supplements. Often these problems are either ignored, taken for granted, not recognized or not discussed by the medical profession:

  1. Elemental iron can cause constipation, which can lead to hemorrhoids, which can lead to rectal pain, which can end up requiring surgery.

  2. Iron tablets are poorly absorbed hence it may take months or sometimes even years, to fully reverse even mild IDA. Often because of the poor absorption of elemental iron tablets, IDA symptoms can be unchanged or last for many more months than when treated by other means.

  3. When taken for months it can be quite costly.

  4. The commonly used elemental iron tablets are really little more than finely shaved "rusted" iron. This "rusted" iron will often be irritating to the digestive tract and can lead to digestive system problems. It almost always turns the color of bowel movements to "black, tarry looking stools." This has at times been confused with blood loss from the bowel and can lead to a fear of cancer of the intestinal tract.

  5. Finally, and possibly most importantly, the reason most people are ultimately iron deficient is that they have too little iron in their diet. While it may seem logical to replace this iron, it may actually be the wrong treatment.

Why May Replacing Iron Be the Wrong Treatment?

The answer to this question may be much simpler than it would seem to be at first. We will take it slowly to allow you, the reader, to understand the problem:

  1. If your diet is deficient in iron, then it most likely means that your diet is also deficient in other vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential micro nutrients.....does this make sense....Yes!

  2. If we only replace the iron, and we do not replace these other vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential micro nutrients, are we doing the exact right thing for you? The answer to this question is obvious, NO!

  3. Do we need to replace all deficient vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential micro nutrients and iron that we are not regularly getting in our diet? If you don't you will likely end up with potentially greater problems from these other deficiencies, than with just the IDA alone.

  4. If we only take elemental "rusted" iron tablets, we are not replacing ANY of the other vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential micro nutrients that are also deficient. This will likely lead to new problems down the line.

  5. If you treat your iron deficiency anemia by improving your overall diet and by eating a nutritious healthy whole, nutrient rich, foods while you are eating iron rich foods...such as with the Metamorphosis Natural Approach to Treating IDA... then what happens? You will more effectively replace all of the other vitamins, minerals and other essential micro nutrients you are deficient in.

By eating our way out of IDA you can help your entire body and all of its essential systems to become healthier and work more appropriately for you. You will be less likely to become ill. You will have more energy. You will feel healthier and better than ever before.

What Does This Mean In The Long Run?

You are going to be healthier. You are going to be happier. You are going to improve your iron deficiency anemia faster and you are not going to do it at the expense of any other systems in your body. Doesn't this sound right? Yes! It sure does!

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